PaxPower Jackal

PaxPower Jackal - Silverado/Sierra Builds Unlike Any Other!

2019-2021 Chevrolet Silverado Conversion by PaxPower High-Performance Trucks

While we are primarily known for our Ford F150, Bronco, Raptor, and Ranger builds, much of the PaxPower team loves GM trucks! So we set out to build a Chevrolet Silverado that would legitimately rival the Ford Raptor. After many months of development, we created the PaxPower Jackal! In Stage 2 trim, we think the Jackal lines up squarely with the V6 Ford Raptor in terms of price, performance, appearance, and off-road capabilities. In Stage 3 form, the Jackal compares to name-brand conversion Raptors costing far in excess of six-figures at a fraction of the price.

The base Chevrolet Silverado can be sourced from your local dealer or our partner dealers in Houston, Texas. The upgrades can be financed along with your truck purchase using GM Credit or other traditional lenders. We are able to source the vehicles for good prices and all taxes/registration are paid directly to your home state. We ship the vehicle directly to you after the approximately 3-week build time.

If you have any questions, please call us at 832-369-6852.

Check Out The PaxPower Jackal 3 Stages